Supporting Baltimore’s Not-For-Profit Community

We have longstanding relationships with many of Baltimore’s most prominent nonprofit organizations. Many have counted on us for more than two decades to transport executives, 员工, 求职者, 供体和其他组成部分. 优胜客体育的专业司机和清洁, new, but sensible vehicles will send the appropriate message about the values your organization upholds.   

Our sedans and SUVs are available to you for as little as one hour at a time, while vans are available for a minimum of only 1.5 hours. And of course, we offer service to all the 当地的机场.

When it comes to the quality of service, we are mission-driven. Our focus on customer satisfaction is reflected in our exceptional on-time arrival rate—above 99%.


We specialize in providing car service to not-for-profits for individuals and groups traveling throughout the mid-Atlantic to or from the Baltimore metropolitan area. 非营利组织依靠优胜客体育:

  • 高质量的 轿车、越野车 和14-passenger 过境货车 理想的穿梭服务和活动
  • 专业 drivers,受雇于优胜客体育(从不转包)
  • Easy account set up with a variety of payment options
  • 无纸化的车内体验——无需支付小费
  • Emailed confirmations of all reservations
  • Precise written instructions about where we will be and when we will be there for you
  • Emailed receipts with full documentation of expenses
  • 24-hour accessibility to our staff if there is an emergency or change in plans

优胜客体育 for a list of references in the nonprofit community. You’re invited to speak directly to our clients about our services. We are proud to share the feedback we receive.


Call (410) 321-5600

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